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Prevention Services

Studies show in some communities we are losing our battle to save our children from a future of substance abuse. As laws and regulations change, we are finding more young people are smoking marijuana and abusing alcohol, heroin, Ecstasy and OxyContin.  We are committed to reversing this trend, to enable our children to grow up strong and capable. Children who gain knowledge and understanding in this area more often can make the decision to stay away from drug use.  The LCADA Way Prevention Services include:

Botvin Lifeskills Training  
Botvin LifeSkills Training promotes healthy alternatives to risky behaviors by helping youth develop skills essential to resisting peer pressure, increasing self-esteem, coping with anxiety, enhancing healthy thinking and behaviors. The program has proven effective in helping youth to remain drug-free, to reduce or stop using drugs and to avoid high-risk behaviors such as violence and gambling.  Programs are available for grades 3-12.

Building Blocks
The Building Blocks Program uses interactive learning activities to reinforce the development of problem-solving and social skills by children 3-6 years old.

Eduvention provides education and intervention services to families concerned about their teen’s substance abuse.  This free program is also open to parents who simply want to learn more about issues related to teen substance use.

Carevention Family Intervention 
Carevention services assist families with concerns about a loved one’s alcohol or drug abuse.  We provide education regarding the intervention process, assist families to determine their best course of action, and equip families to address their loved one’s use in a caring yet impactful way.

Comprehensive School Prevention Model©
A prevention professional is placed within a school or district for a contracted number of hours each week.  Services are tailored to fit the school’s unique needs.  Among the available services are:
• Problem identification and referral services
• Individual and classroom education
• Consultation services
• Staff training
• Drop-in hours for youth and parents
• Policy review
• Awareness campaigns
• Other programs identified in this brochure

Prevention Services 
Additional prevention services available through The LCADA Way include:
• Drug-Free Workplace Safety Programs
• HIV/AIDS Prevention - knowledge and skills for healthier relationships and lifestyle choices
• Parent to Parent – education and small group support for parents
• Training for Staff or Parents – training on substance related issues for teens
• Gambling Prevention - helping students make healthier life choices and avoid high-risk behaviors
• Anti-Virus – encourages middle school youth to adopt positive character traits in their thoughts and actions

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