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Ambulatory Detox Treatment

The ambulatory detox program was created as a result of the overwhelming need for detox services for those suffering from opiate addiction and the limited availability of detox beds. Ambulatory detox is an outpatient detox service that assists the client through a safe, medically monitored withdrawal from opiates. It includes a complete medical evaluation, medications to ease the distress of physical withdrawal, and immediate placement in the appropriate level of rehabilitation. Residential and Supportive Housing is available for those who struggle while receiving detox services. Clients who require subacute detox services will be assisted with placement in the appropriate medical facility.

Is Ambulatory Detox for me?

  1. Are you highly motivated to stop your addiction?
  2. Are you engaged or willing to be engaged in immediate Treatment?
  3. Are you taking Benzodiazepines (common names – Xanax, Klonopin, Valium, Ativan, etc.)? Having these in your system will disqualify you from Ambulatory Detox.
  4. Do you have stable housing?
  5. Are you willing to go to AA/NA meetings and obtain a sponsor?

How long does the Ambulatory Detox process take?

Once assessed by one of our Physicians, the process typically takes 7-13 days.

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